The Cornell Perspectives blog covers multiple themes. Shared pieces and curated articles are tagged (see tags for article filtering) as well organized under themes/categories. The major themes covered include:

1- Culture, Identity and Constructs: Features comparative regional thoughts and insights on the cross roads between constructed ideas, religion, culture, identity, and politics.

2- Geopolitics, Political Risk and International Security: Covers global and regional developments in security and geopolitics from around the globe.

3- Oil and Gas and the New Energy Landscape: Highlights energy developments with an insight on global, regional and local legislation, politics, policy-making, security, infrastructure, finance and economics.

4- Political Transitions in the Middle East: Focuses on key political, socioeconomic and cultural changes in the ME, from Mauritania to the Indian sub-continent.

5- Public-Private Duality, Economic Crisis, and New Financial Trends: Provides insights into developing financial trends, economic restructuring, public-private partnerships and fist-fights, old Clubs and new Clubs, with a Glocal focus.